Wisconsin 1 - Milwaukee and Kenosha

Southeastern Wisconsin has a lot to offer. This page will include The Milaukee Art Museum's new addition, Miller Park, a lobby of a famous hotel restored and a Milwaukee Tradition. After that there will be pictures taken at and near Kenosha including examples of bike racing both at the historic Washington Park Velodrome and a time trial held around Bong Forest west of the town. A view of Pike Creek is shown in Petrified Springs as the creek goes over boulders and such in the park itself.

The new addition to the Milwauiee Art Museum is an international work of art on its own. Designed by Santiago Calatgrva from Spain, the addition was first commissioned in 1994. The Quadracci Pavillion was finished and opened in 2001. This was his first example in the United States and has been visited by people all over the word. Below are exterior shots as well as several in the main reception hall as well as to shots of the hallway extending from the reception hall the the museum itself. Situated along the shores of Lake Michigan the building is a mixture of white concrete, glass with maple floors inside. Stunning is the only word that can describe this masterpiece. All Milwaukee pictures were taken on 3 May 2007. Pictures are copyrighted by the photographer and webmaster and may not be duplicated or used on any other website. Additional pictures in this section include a major bank building, a restaurant that has the original clock that once was on the tower of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad station located at that spot years ago. It is behind the sculpture in the last picture in the second row. Next to the bank picture is a high rise condo building where the average cost is well over a million dollars!

artmus1 artmus2artmus3artmus4 artmus5

artmus6 artmus7 artmus8 mkebank highrisecondo mkeclock

Milwaukee is a combination of modern, traditional and historic. Whereas the art museum is modern there is still much to see in downtown Milwaukee that is historic. The Pfister Hotel is an example of a building saved from the wrecker's ball by Steve Marcus. Marcus bought and lovingly restored the lobby to appear as it did during the hotel's glory days. In this section just east of the Milwaukee River there is much to see and admire. Also included in this section are pictures of the Milwaukee skyline taken near Brewers Hill and some examples of this wonderful historic section. Included is an 1881 mansion being restored to its original splendor by a close friend of the webmaster as well as several other examples. Brewers Hill is located near the former Schlitz Brewery, now restored to include condos, a high school and much more. Alas, the Brown Bottle is long gone! The name "Miller" is an old Milwaukee tradtion. The final pictures show the ball park as well as the Miller Lite (c) bus parked by their store.

pfist1pfisterlobby2 pfistclock mkelino brewer1 brewer2

jerryhaus1 jerryback schlitz mkeskyline1 millpark2

brerwstad1 brewscorebdmiller1 millbus2

Kenosha is well known for being on Lake Michigan as well as its revitalized waterfront and harbor. Kenosha is also the home of the Wasington Park Velodrome, the nation's oldest active track of its kind. The 333 meter oval was first built in 1927. Because of that Kenosha is a great bike racing town with races not only on the track but in nearby areas including time trials around Bong Park, 12 miles west of the track. Included is a picture of the official Wisconsin bike. West of Racine is Sturtevant where the former Milwaukee Road had a station. The webmaster worked at that station which, even in 1972, appeared to be a living firetrap. The station served Amtrak until a year or so ago when a replacement was built a mile or so north. The new station replicates the design of the old station but has a bridge that is roughly three stories high crossing the tracks. It is a great place for photography (see Amtrak7). At the old site of the soon to be torn down station is the old hotel whose fate at this point is also unknown. The old hotel has its unique twin turrets on the west side of the building. Finally, west of Kenosha is Petrified Springs Park which has the Pike Creek running through it. Shown are pictures in the park of the babbling creek going over some rocks.

kenbeach1 velo1 kenbikekenvelo3bongt3 bongt6 bong2 harleycoup

oldsturt1 oldst2 oldsturt3 sturtnew1 sturtnew2 sturtbridge s 2towers sturthot2

Pike Creek in Petrified Park - Kenosha County.

pik1 pikec2 pike3 pike4 pike6

All pictures on this page were taken between 2 and 6 May 2007 with a Nikon D50 DSLR. As a result the blown up pictures will be a larger size than those in the past when film was used. To return to this page please use your back arrow. To return to the Minnesota site please click here.

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