Murphy B Productions?

Last year some of you may have noticed the picture of the cat at the bottom of some of the pages along with "MurphyB Productions".    Murphy is the name of one of the webmaster's cats (the other is Corky, but that's a different story) who discovered the webmaster in Kenosha,  Wisconsin in October, 1992 at the city's animal shelter.  It was love at first site, or something like that.  She is about 13 years old and rules over the house (you never really "own" a cat, you know).  As this website grew from just a Minnesota site to parts of Wisconsin and Illinois and finally the entire upper Midwest, it was decided to consider turning this into a corporation some day.   Even though, as of this writing that has not happened, we have grown to the point where there are other matters that we can also do.  A logo was decided upon.  What could be easier to use something that was always around us: the cat.  After all, a very well known railroad used a cat as its logo, why not us?  Besides, we think that Murphy is a lot cuter than that other cat.   By the way, the former website had Murphy's picture wired for sound on a few pages.  We had to do away with it because somehow she sounded a lot like Bob Newhart.

MurphyB will do website work.  What we will not do is charge a fortune like the big guys do.  We don't do html programming, we use Windows but hate washing them.  We believe in creativity using the tools that are available to us: our minds, our imagination, a few good programs and a lot of pride when we're finished. Our rates are fair (we do have to charge for our efforts as there are two overweight cats to feed, you know).  As we grow we will be installing new software and expanding our PC's capabilities.  While MurphyB is an umbrella over this site including upperMidwestCycling© and the Not Quite Duluth Cycling Classic, two new sites are developing that will be attached to umc: a site devoted to the webmaster's rail photography (he has thousands of pictures) as well as photographic examples of the Minneapolis area that will always continue to grow.  We are always looking for good photography from dependable photographers (though we are most happy with our photographers that we're using right now) in an effort to make this a unique photojournalistic experience in the sport of bicycle racing.  

If MurphyB Productions is what you are considering for your website work kindly click on the mailbox below.  We'll do our best to make it happen for you.  If you have any comments or concerns, likewise, click on the mailbox.   We welcome constructive thoughts and laugh at flames.


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modified Wednesday, March 19, 2003