To Prescott

After the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers join the Mississippi flows east through St. Paul.  St. Paul and the Quad Cities are the only locations where one crosses the river in a north to south direction.  Downtown St. Paul is on the river as are a number of railroads.  Going further downstream the St. Croix joins at Prescott, Wisconsin, about 30 miles from St. Paul.  


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 The river at St. Paul.  There are a few arch bridges but at this point the newer bridges are little more than platforms and support beams.  The high level bridge is seen in the background.


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The St. Paul skyline with the river curving around at the left.  St. Paul has also managed to beautify their river front as seen below.

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A vista from Dayton's Bluff shows the St. Paul airport with the river winding around in the background.l

Two trains meet east of Dayton's Bluff: the Canadien Pacific (ex Milwaukee Road) on the left; BNSF (former Burlington) on the right.  The Burlington follows the Mississippi as far south as Savanna, Illinois on one of the most scenic routes in the Midwest.

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Above the Mississippi River Valley along the old State Highway 10 is this commanding view of showing the bridge and Hastings.  . 

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The massive lift bridge over the mouth of the St. Croix River at Prescott.  The Burlington Northern Santa Fe bridge was built to replace an older structure in the mid 1980's.    .

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A large tugboat is pushing a group of barges on the Mississippi at Prescott near the mouth of the St. Croix River.  Traffic is much heavier than upstream from St. Paul.

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The St. Croix river enters the Mississippi at Prescott, Wisconsin.  From the bluff you can clearly see the difference between the color of the two rivers.  For a similar view at this spot during the high water season click here.

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A sky plane is landing on the St. Croix river near Prescott, Wisconsin (but on the Minnesota side).   The trees along the river are just starting to turn into their fall colors. 

The Flood of 2001

hastings from us10 042801 w.jpg (40772 bytes)

A slightly different appearance during the floods of 2001.  Again, taken from the old US 10 scenic view on the way to Prescott, Wisconsin

bnsfbridgeprescott2-042801w.jpg (55980 bytes)

On April 28, 2001 the St. Croix and Mississippi had not yet crested in what was one of the worst floods in a decade.  Compare this with the earlier shot of the bridge under normal circumstances.

prescottpointflood2-042801.jpg (75444 bytes)

Another shot of the point, this time on 28 April, 2001 with the second crest of the flood still due.  Water everywhere!
The former Milwaukee Road lift bridge at the peak of the 2001 flood at Hastings, MN.  Nothing left along the river except water.

hastings flood 42801w.jpg (63130 bytes)

Though not as bad as the 1965 flood the high water mark shows just how high the river was in this April, 2001 view at Hastings, MN.  

hastingswatermk1-42801.jpg (69019 bytes)

Looking downstream from the Anoka dam at the peak of the 2001 flood, north of Minneapolis.

anoka0401floodcrestdownstream w.jpg (42741 bytes)

ducks on wriver road 042801.jpg (90471 bytes)

West River Road near Franklin - occupied by two ducks enjoying the flood waters that closed the road

nelsonwi042801w.jpg (51674 bytes)

Nelson, Wisconsin - the connecting road to the Mississippi River, 28 April, 2001.  The water on each side is from the Chippewa River Delta backing up from the Mississippi River.  In the background are the BNSF tracks.

boomisldock42801flood.jpg (73642 bytes)

No boat rides today.  Even the docks and steps at Boom Island are underwater due to the April, 2001 flood.

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updated on 20 January, 2014


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