Pike Island

From the Ford Lock and Dam to St. Paul the river has some very narrow sections to it. So narrow that at times it's hard to believe that it is a major waterway.  The scenes in this section were taken between the dam and up to Ft. Snelling and Pike Island.

Pike Island is the perfect get-a-way from the city.  It's nature at its best with a major river on each side.  The historical fort is worth visiting with its volunteers dressed in period clothing.  A major hill takes you down (or up) to the river area from the old fort.  The nice thing is that it's just minutes away from the insanity of a big city!


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 This is the narrow part of the Minnesota, some say backwater as it is not the main stream, shown as it joins the Mississippi just a short distance from the bridge crossing it. Only that high voltage tower takes away from what would otherwise be a natural scene.


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The Mendota high level bridge frames part of the Minnesota backwater with Pike Island on the left.

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The path around the island abounds in beauty and wild life.

The Mississippi is almost as narrow as it can get.  This is looking at it from Pike Island.

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A tour boat is heading downstream in the narrows.  The boat is built on an old barge with a tugboat pushing directly behind.  She docks in St. Paul and serves meals as well. 

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Another view of the Pike path which goes around the entire island.  

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Another view of the Mendota high bridge from the banks of the Minnesota River on Pike Island.

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 A peaceful part of the Pike Island hiking path the circles the island.  That's the Minnesota River in the background.

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Prairie on the Island - October, 2000.  Pike Island.
The Mississippi river narrows along Pike Island, October, 2000.  The trees are just starting to turn into their fall colors as they reflect on the river.

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The Harriet Bishop at the Minnesota River/Mississippi River junction at Pike's Island -October, 2000.

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The stern view of the Harriet Bishop heading upstream on the Mississippi just north of the Minnesota river junction.

harrietbishopstern w.jpg (98094 bytes)

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The meeting of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers at the tip of Pike Island.  That passenger boat is seen in the background approaching the I35E bridge.  You can only get to this point either by boat or foot: cars and bikes are not allowed!

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The Minnesota from the banks of Pike Island.  In the background is the Mendota high level bridge.  Hard to believe that this stream can create some horrendous floods.

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The Mendota high level bridge arches the beautiful fall scenery near the Minnesota River. 

It's Fall, 2004 and this is a similar picture showing the backflow of the Minnesota River at Pike's Island

minnoutlettomiss101004.jpg (87762 bytes)

The tranquility of the Mississippi is interrupted by a tugboat pushing a barge through the narrows downstream towards St. Paul

tugandbarge1pikeisland.jpg (86491 bytes)

A leaning tree on Pike's Island near the point where the Minnesota River enters the Mississippi. - 10/2004

leaningtreeonriver.jpg (104224 bytes)

minnriverbackwatertowardsmi.jpg (77728 bytes)

Same location as above but showing the backwater near flood stage.  At this point the water from the Minnesota River is flowing thru this stream.

minnrivermendotabridgehighw.jpg (83558 bytes)

Heavy rains upstream as caused the Minnesota to come close to flood stage in this June, 2004 scene near the Mendota Bridge

bridgeoverhighwaters061604w.jpg (84214 bytes)

The footbridge over the outflow of the Minnesota River at Pike's Island.  The outflow is at near flood stage in this June, 2004 picture 


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