The narrows

From the Ford Lock and Dam to St. Paul the river has some very narrow sections to it. So narrow that at times it's hard to believe that it is a major waterway.  The scenes in this section were taken between the dam and down to Ft. Snelling and Pike Island.


2rivboat11009.jpg (103075 bytes)

 Pleasure craft abound on the river.  This scene is about a half mile downstream from the Ford Lock and Dam and shows the contrast between big and small.


2rivupstream1009.jpg (97600 bytes)

The water is low, the trees are colorful and the beach is open.  This is looking upstream towards the Ford dam.

2spdboat1009.jpg (74491 bytes)

A speedboat makes waves as it heads upstream.

A number of trees have their roots exposed due, no doubt, to the Springtime high water that is usually a yearly ritual.

2roots1009.jpg (100631 bytes)

Two large recreational boats pass each other in the "narrows".

2boats21009.jpg (132520 bytes)

Meantime on top of the bluffs the trees are in full color.  .

1rivscene21009.jpg (78687 bytes)

1treecolors1009.jpg (120488 bytes)

Further upstream is another vista with this tree in full color.  The river is below.

1rivscene31009.jpg (74717 bytes)

The river is busy.  A tugboat is pushing a barge upstream while pleasure craft can be seen nearby. This was taken from a park in St. Paul..

5snellview2.jpg (60936 bytes)

A speedboat goes around the bend just below Ft. Snelling.  Is that the Emerald City in the background?  No, it's the skyline of Minneapolis.  

The same tree as before but during a near flood in June, 2005.

tree-on-mississippi-near-fl.jpg (87850 bytes)

The river is high and the current is swift after heavy rains in June, 2005.

river-at-flood-level-1.jpg (43736 bytes)

Not too far in a park along the river is this scene in a small woods.   

in-the-forest-17-06-05.jpg (101673 bytes)

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