A Ford and a Dam

Just to the south of the Ford bridge is the US Army's Lock and Dam #1, the first of many that are found all the way down to Alton, Illinois near St. Louis.  The locks are open to the public with a series of catwalks and observation decks that permit at first hand the operation of the facility.  To the east of the locks is the large Ford Truck plant which the bridge is named for.  Next to the dam is an island that was all but covered with water in May, 1999 but a rest spot for recreational boaters during the rest of the year.

The locks are always busy during boating season with a flotilla all but guaranteed on any nice weekend day waiting their turns to either go upstream or downstream.  Going downstream the river becomes even more narrow than before as it is bordered by the steep bluffs on both sides. New digitial photos will be added or replace older photos soon.


4fordarch1010.jpg (85256 bytes)

 An arch from the Ford bridge over the river where it widens just before the dam and locks.  At this time of the year the river is bordered by the colors of Autumn.


fordlock.jpg (59999 bytes)

A different type of river is seen in May, 1999 when it was near flood stage and all but covered the island on the other side of the dam.

1fordis1009.jpg (83714 bytes)

The island is exposed during the low water shown in October, 1999 but you can see how it was covered by water earlier in the year.

The dam in October, 1999 shows a drastic comparison with the picture in the top row.

1forddam1009.jpg (76800 bytes)

The upstream flotilla approaches the locks.  Notice how narrow the river is as it goes around the bend in the background.

4flotila11010.jpg (93552 bytes)

Two boats approach the entrance to the locks.

4enterdam11010.jpg (102828 bytes)

4dam31010.jpg (80210 bytes)

The flotilla is tied to the wall of the lock as it fills with water.  It is all ready about a third filled.

4dam81010.jpg (73018 bytes)

The gates on the upstream end of the locks are opened and the boats are ready to cast their lines and head upstream.

4flotila21010.jpg (121393 bytes)

The downstream boats are now approaching Lock and Dam #1as they pass under the Ford bridge. 

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