Arches and Dams

Two of Minneapolis' landmarks are but a few hundred meters apart: the St. Anthony Falls dam and the historic Arch bridge.  The dam is what is left of St. Anthony Falls which until the early 1960's was the northern terminus of river traffic.  The Arch bridge was built by the Empire Builder: James J. Hill to carry his Great Northern Railroad across the river in the 1880's.  The last train crossed the bridge a hundred years later.  The bridge has been converted to a bikeway and pedestrian path affording a view of the falls.  

Most of the bridges in the Twin Cities have the arch motivé.  To the west of the Arch bridge is what is left of the Golden Mills grain elevators now being torn down.  The Hennepin suspension bridge marks the northern end of this section.  In the Spring of 1999 an unusually heavy amount of rain raised the level of the river at this point to near flood stage.  This, in turn, created some very dramatic pictures at the dam and bridge. 

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 This is the fourth Hennepin bridge.  The first was also a suspension bridge.  This dramatic shot was taken from Nicolet Island and shows part of the downtown skyline.


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The Central St. Bridge begins the arch motivé shown over the calm waters of the river on a February afternoon. The red markers are as far as boats can go as the dam is just south of the bridge.

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Near flood waters in May, 1999 created this dramatic picture of the St. Anthony dam.  The water level was but a foot under the 1997 flood which caused the arch bridge to be shut for traffic.

The Gold Meadow complex being torn down in the name of "progress".  It has taken a number of years just to tear the old grain mill down. 

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From south of the Gold Meadow grain mill another shot showing the historical landmark.

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The Arch bridge, May, 1999 during the flood period.  The water in the foreground is the shipping channel for the upper level locks.

archfld1.jpg (83021 bytes)

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Another shot of the Arch Bridge, this time taken in February, 1999 in the afternoon.

10thbrid.jpg (64763 bytes)

The 10th Street bridge with the I-35W bridge girders in green.  The river is still very high with navigational traffic being held at St. Paul.

5archbridgefall2.jpg (92007 bytes)

A view of the Arch Bridge showing the beautiful fall colors.  October, 1999.

The falls are just as dramatic in 2004 after some very heavy rain falls put the river on a near flood stage. 

falls3_061704w.jpg (72363 bytes)

Looking downstream from the Arch Bridge towards the second set of locks alon the Mississippi River

downstreamfromarchbridge061.jpg (59860 bytes)

Looking at the Gold Mill Flour site in 2004 with the Mill City Museum addition.

goldmedal061704.jpg (69417 bytes)

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