The Skyline and the River

The Minneapolis skyline is not exactly the largest but it still is nice.  The river adds to the entire scene.   These pictures show the skyline from the west side near the freeway, just south of the city as well as from Boom and Nicolet Islands.  Some of the shots have been enhanced for effect with PhotoShop.  

Boom Island is no longer a real "island" but a popular park and boarding point for tourist boats.  At one time it was a small railroad  yard for the Great Western Railroad.  The City of Minneapolis has reclaimed much of the river front with plans in the future to eliminate industry north of Boom Island and convert the river banks to parks and bike paths.  


boomlite.jpg (24952 bytes)

  the light house at boom island at twilight.  In the background is the Plymouth bridge crossing the river.


mplsky3.jpg (20216 bytes)

The skyline from Boom Island at night showing the dramatic effects of the buildings. 

3boommspsky1009.jpg (111377 bytes)

From Nicolet Island a view of the Federal Building across the Mississippi river.  The fall colors add the perfect touch.

Another night view of the Minneapolis skyline taken near the Interstate 94-394 junction. 

mplsky6.jpg (20225 bytes)

Yet another view, this time near the arch bridge.  The Milwaukee road tower is in the foreground with the clock.  A contrast against the modern architecture of most of the other buildings.  Picture enhanced with PhotoShop.

skyline1.jpg (86203 bytes)

Looking down the river the BNSF railroad bridge is seen in the foreground with the Hennepin suspension bridge in the background.

boomrivr.jpg (60284 bytes)

skyline4.jpg (144190 bytes)

An enhanced view of the skyline from the Island.

twibridged.jpg (55222 bytes)

Similar to the far right shot in the 2nd row this scene shows the Hennepin bridge in the background lit up at twilight.

mplsrivf.jpg (55888 bytes)

A similar view of the skyline to the second picture in the top row, again from Boom Island Park.

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