Scenes of Winter

Minnesota and Other areas

Winter scenes lend a special effect.   The pictures were taken both in Minnesota as well as some railroad pictures in Illinois and Wisconsin.  As more pictures are taken in Minnesota the page will expand accordingly

nbhiob4375w.jpg (81639 bytes)

A surprise 13 inch very wet snow storm hit the Chicago area on 2 April 1975.  The following morning the westbound Chicago to Minneapolis Hiawatha came through Deerfield, Illinois complete with an ex-Wabash dome lounge observation car partly covered with the snow blowing


nbhi4375dfw.jpg (50766 bytes)

The front view of the same train lead by unit 575 speeding by the Deerfield, Illinois station.  Notice the snow.

am9wawaobs3770-1274w.jpg (39659 bytes)

Former Great Northern observation car brings up the rear of the westbound Hiawatha at Wauautosa, Wisconsin on a cold December, 1974 day.

On a cold winter day in January, 1973 the eastbound Abe Lincoln with former Kansas City Zephyr dome observation enters Chicago Union Station.

amabekcdomeobschi173w.jpg (31895 bytes)

Three BN E units sit in an otherwise empty 14th Street Yard in Chicago.  January, 1972

bn9975eunitsyd172w.jpg (42163 bytes)

The City of San Francisco is just west of Reno heading towards the Sierras and a lot more snow in this April, 1970 shot.

cosfnear reno470w.jpg (47458 bytes)

ebturbotocutoffa20w.jpg (43694 bytes)

Because of a derailment between A-20 and A-5 towers the eastbound Turbo is approaching the cutoff to use the CNW tracks to Bensenville.

turbogettingordersa20w.jpg (35395 bytes)

Train orders being handed up to that same Turbo to allow it to use the CNW tracks at Shermer

ebturbocutoffa20-280w.jpg (44369 bytes)

After getting the orders the rear of the Turbo is seen heading up the cutoff to join the CNW rails.
The east and westbound Turbos prepare to pass each other at the former Lake Forest station on a cold winter day.

turboslfw.jpg (65982 bytes)

The same eastbound Turbo at Lake Forest, Illinois.  Notice the snow kicked up by the westbound that is blocked by the eastbound train.   

ebturbolf280w.jpg (46539 bytes)

Yet another chance to see the westbound Abe Lincoln passing the station at Golf, Illinois, just south of Glenview with a Milwaukee Road E Unit still in its original colors.

nbabegolf72.jpg (136126 bytes)

niteturbo2w.jpg (39934 bytes)

The westbound evening Turbo departs from the Glenview station in this night exposure in 1980.

no.6A20dec69w.jpg (50729 bytes)

The eastbound Morning Hiawatha speeds by Tower A-20 in this 1969 winter shot.  By this time the tower had been converted to electric switches instead of the Armstrong system.

pc e7units against snow 272.jpg (26109 bytes)

The dull black paint scheme of the Penn Central E-7 units contrast with the snow at the south throat of Chicago's  Union Station.  Feb. 72. 

winter scene at a park and lagoon in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

winterpondcolhts2.jpg (105477 bytes)

A winter scene on a lake in Minnetonka.  See the same lake in the fall picture page.

shadyoaklakewinter2.jpg (62714 bytes)

A partly hidden view of the same lake off Shady Oak Drive in Minnetonka taken 24 December, 2005

hiddenshadyoakwinterlake1.jpg (103676 bytes)

winterslidepathshadyoak.jpg (86752 bytes)

Winter path at the park by Shady Oak Road in Minnetonka after some snow.

wintersceneshadyoakpark2hil.jpg (61240 bytes)

There won't be anyone using that picnic table today!  Same park by Shady Oak in Minnetonka.

snowyhillminnetonkawinter1.jpg (78943 bytes)

A nice rolling hill for sledding at the same park.  December, 2005
A small footbridge over part of a lake near Silver Lake Road in December, 2005.

footbridgescenewinter.jpg (90692 bytes)

An almost bleak winter scene at Silver Lake near Brighton Park, Minnesota.  December, 2005

silverlakeatwinter1.jpg (66552 bytes)

Two majestic covered pine trees at Silver Lake Park after a snow storm in December, 2005.

twowinterpinetrees.jpg (66332 bytes)

winterpondscene1r.jpg (100258 bytes)

Another view of the pond in Columbia Heights near 42nd and Fillmore.  December, 2005

limboverpondcolhtspk.jpg (69275 bytes)

The west side of the same pond.  Compare with a similar picture taken during the Fall Colors.

snowypathcolhtspark1.jpg (107827 bytes)

A path running along the pond near 42nd and Fillmore in Columbia Heights.  December, 2005.

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