Minnesota in Autumn

Fall colours are a special time in Minnesota.  The display starts up north and spreads south.  It can vary from season to season.  These pictures show the colours as recent as 2005 in areas near Minneapolis a well as 2000 and 2001 in Banning State Park near Sandstone, Minnesota as well as Ft. Snelling and Wirth Park; both near or in Minneapolis. 


banningpath1w.jpg (120997 bytes)

A quiet path in Banning State Park - October, 2000.  The leaves have all but fallen but there are enough left to show off their colors..


banning kettleriver vieww.jpg (108573 bytes)

The Kettle River is in the background in this scene from Banning Park's forest.  Notice the interesting rocks.

banningvalleyvieww.jpg (73832 bytes)

On top of the ridge one can see across the Kettle River and the valley and look at the forest.  

The pines arch up and reach towards the sky - Banning State Park. 

banning trees to the sky w.jpg (126765 bytes)

The Kettle River rapids seen through the birch trees in Banning State Park.  This is a place where one can find peace and quiet and simply get away from it all. 

banning rapids in forest1w.jpg (79353 bytes)

Another view of the Kettle River rapids at Banning State Park. 

ban rocks and rapids w.jpg (84778 bytes)

ban kettle head rapid w.jpg (71283 bytes)

Tranquility on the Kettle River.  Just down stream are the rapids that will take the river down to the St. Croix.

ban river rapids1 w.jpg (83695 bytes)

Part of the rapids on the Kettle River at Banning State Park.  Even during low water there's a lot of thrust in the current.

ban rock n rapids2w.jpg (78018 bytes)

Huge boulders are found through out the park as seen along the rapids.
Away from the river these large boulders are everywhere - in this case partly covered with moss.

ban more rocks w.jpg (103441 bytes)

These steps blend with the forest and take one from the river level up to the top of the ridge.  Just beautiful.

banning steps in forest w.jpg (95524 bytes)

Another view of the rapids.  A ledge on the other side of the Kettle River blends with the background of autumn colors.

ban river rapids ledge1 w.jpg (74690 bytes)

banning forest 4w.jpg (93095 bytes)

Another forest scene in Banning State Park.

ban path by river w.jpg (72007 bytes)

The path along the Kettle River at Banning State Park.

banning rockledge1 w.jpg (95934 bytes)

Another view of the ledge along the Kettle River Rapids at Banning State Park showing off the colors of the trees. 

The flaming colors of a Red Maple in Banning State Park.

banning red maple w.jpg (96735 bytes)

A final look at the path winding around in Banning State Park.

banning path6 w.jpg (88389 bytes)

A flaming array of color at Ft. Snelling State Park - 2000.

snelling colors1 w.jpg (79499 bytes)

minnriver 2 w.jpg (70990 bytes) The Minnesota River at Snelling State Park near the Mendota High Level Bridge.

mendota arches1 w.jpg (46338 bytes)

The poetry of arches on the Mendota High Bridge crossing over the Minnesota River Valley at Snelling State Park.

snelling monument w.jpg (91261 bytes)

A wood based monument at Fr. Snelling Park near the Information  Center.
The quiet waters of Lake Snelling with lilies floating on the surface and the early autumn colors in the background.

snelling2 w.jpg (109049 bytes)

 Another view of Lake Snelling    at one of the tranquil sections in Ft. Snelling State Park. 

quiet waters w.jpg (118539 bytes)

One doesn't have to leave Minneapolis to see beauty.  This is a section in Wirth Park not far from Highway 394.

wirth pathway1 w.jpg (88568 bytes)

wirth prairie grass w.jpg (95034 bytes)

The brilliant colors of the wild prairie at Wirth Park. October, 2000.

wirth treestump w.jpg (75092 bytes)

Even a tree stump can be an object of beauty.  Wirth Park - Minneapolis, Oct., 2000.

wirth colours w.jpg (82590 bytes)

The brilliant colors of autumn blend together in Wirth Park, October, 2000.
A tranquil scene on a quiet lake near Minnetonka - October, 2005

brightfallcoloursmntkalake1.jpg (102162 bytes)

 A quiet scene showing the brilliant fall colours on a small lake west of Minneapolis - 10/2005 

pieronthelake.jpg (96062 bytes)

A paintbrush of colour in a quiet park near Minnetonka - 10/25

paintbrushoftrees.jpg (57294 bytes)

lakereflectionsmntka3fallco.jpg (115505 bytes)

Another view of a calm and peaceful lake reflecting the fall colours

lilliesonthelakemtka1.jpg (73866 bytes)

water lilies float on top of a calm lake.  10/2005

columbiaheightspond1005.jpg (105566 bytes)

A small pond in a park in Columbia Heights - 10/2005


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