Down the river

The once narrow Mississippi River becomes at places a broad valley where it widens out to over a mile or so. All though controlled by a series of locks and dams the scenery along the river is spectacular in places.  Not too far from the river are some interesting places to visit as well.   Eons ago the river originated near here and headed north via what is now the Minnesota River and Red River of the North to Hudson Bay according to some geologists. The new pictures were taken digitally in 2007 mostly on the Wisconsin side of the river showing bald eagles, the view at Alma, Wisconsin and the National Eagle Center.

Revised 10 April 2008

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At  one time there were three railroads that had high quality, high speed  service between Chicago and the Twin Cities.  Now only the Empire Builder, seen in Hastings, is the single example left by Amtrak.  Soon the train will be along the banks along the river.


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The marina at Lake City.  The bluffs in the background is Wisconsin, across the river.

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The west bank of the Mississippi down stream from Lake City.

Another example of glacial work.  This time it's near the Zumbro river about ten miles north of Plainview, Minnesota along County highway 4

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Well in the field - County 18 and 4 north of Plainview.   

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Town in the Valley - Fields of golden grain in the Zumbro valley.   .That's the town of Theilman, Minnesota with its opera house and two churches.  

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Theilman has an opera house and two churches.  I wonder what was playing at the opera house last weekend?  By the way, that first step is a mighty big one out of the building!

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The old frame church of Theilman.  Where's Norman Rockwell when we need him?

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The Zumbro river east of Theilman. 

One of the most scenic areas along river is Lake Pepin. This is close to the Chippewa River delta showing the recreational use of the lake on a nice Spring day in 2007.


Lake Pepin was created when the faster flowing Chippewa River's glacial run off blocked the flow of the Mississippi River.  It is a great place for recreational use.

boats on Lake Pepin 

Bluffs like this along the river are common and date back from the retrieval of the glaciers thousands of years ago.  This is a June, 2007 sjot of Maiden Rock along Wisconsin Highway 35..


eagle in sky 

The area near Maiden Rock hosts Bald Eagles.  Here is an unusual view of one of the Bald Eagles caught in flight near Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.

turtle laying eggs 

A snapping turtle lays her eggs in the sand near the back waters of the river under the Wabasha bridge.


Taken 500 feet above the river at Buena Vista Park at Alma, Wisconsin is Lock and Dam number 4 on the river. 
Across the river are the wetlands that are home to wildlife..

alma wetlands 

From 500 feet above Alma's main street almost looks like a toy land with its old buildings.  Next to the river is the busy BNSF main line.


A houseboat no doubt for rent sits at its dock on the river at Alma, Wisconsin.



Admiring the view from the top of the bluff overlooking the river at Alma 500 feet above the valley.

alma garden 

One of many gardens in downtown Alma.  This one is at a popular restaurant situated on the side of the bluff.

alma fireandicegarden 

The garden behind "Fire and Ice", a popular coffee shop with great ice cream at Alma, Wisconsin.
A church in Alma from the top of the bluff.

alma church 

Angel on her perch at the National Eagle Center located in Wabasha, Minnesota.

angle on perch 

Angel sits on the well protected arm of one of the workers at the National Eagle Center, Wabasha, Minnesota.



An eagle in flight over Reed's Landing along the foot of Lake Pepin, just north of Wabasha taken March, 2008


The same eagle spreads his wings and swoops over the river using the breeze to glide in the air.


Lake Pepin was still frozen.  At the foot of the lake was open water again.  Seen are bald eagles on the ice waiting to fly over the waters for dinner.


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