Duluth and the North Shore

The Duluth area has become more tourist oriented with the beauty of near by Jay Cooke shown below at the St. Louis River dam during a flood spill off to the twin port city itself with its lake front and bluffs.  East of Duluth, along Lake Superior is the scenic North Shore.  Duluth has evolved from a city all but dependent on the iron ore range to an important tourist attraction.  The drive along highway 61 reveals one scenic wonder after another.  Luckily much of the lake front has been taken over by the State of Minnesota and converted into state parks.  New are nine digital pictures taken at Gooseberry Park and Two Harbors, Minnesota in late April, 2007. 




stlrivflood2w.jpg (65332 bytes)

Record rain falls during the early part of July, 1999 created record flooding of the St. Louis river. This is the river just below the dam near Carlton.


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The dam at Carlton had just opened a few days earlier to permit the floodwaters to head downstream.  Notice the people watching the action.

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The bike path crosses over the flooded St. Louis gorge near Carlton.

The bluffs of Duluth with the antenna farm in the ground. Duluth has hills that rival San Francisco without the high overhead!

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The hills are ablaze in fall colors.  No, that's not Coit Tower in the background; this is Duluth!.   

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The harbor is a few feet away from the geese with Duluth's downtown in the background.   .

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Duluth's famous landmark: the Aerial bridge over the man made canal linking the harbor with Lake Superior

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The tip of Lake Superior showing the Aerial bridge from lake side.

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The Duluth Railroad station - now a museum - is in contrast with the Radisson hotel seen right behind it. 

The Missabi Railroad docks on the north shore of Duluth's St. Louis Harbor is still active in this shot taken from Skyline Drive.

duldocks1w.jpg (72700 bytes)

A partial view of the Duluth harbor with the Aerial bridge in the background from Skyline Drive during September, 2000.

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The Bong Bridge takes US2 across the St Louis River Harbor between Duluth and Superior, Wisconsin.  In the background crossing the river is the one remaining railroad bridge in Duluth.

dulbongbrw.jpg (73775 bytes)

dulballgamew.jpg (81952 bytes)

A telephoto view of the local Duluth baseball stadium with a game in process.  Shot from Skyline Drive.

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A vista of New Gary-Duluth with the infamous old double deck bridge in the background over the St. Louis River connecting to Oliver, Wisconsin.

slrval2w.jpg (64576 bytes)

The St. Louis River Valley east of Fond du Lac from a vista on Minnesota Highway 23.  Taken September, 2000 as the colors were starting to take place.
The Split Rock Light House on Lake Superior is a National and State treasure.  Located on top of an old volcanic lava flow from millions of years ago the light house is now part of a State Park and is also a museum


splitrocktelefoto1060904w.jpg (38564 bytes)

 Sunset on beautiful Caribou Lake near Lutsen, Minnesota.

sunsetonthelake1060804w.jpg (63435 bytes)

Caribou Lake on a sunny but chilly morning.

cariboulakeeastsunnymorning0608041.jpg (175630 bytes)

temperancefalls0608042w.jpg (89165 bytes)

The Temperance Creek falls under Highway 61 near Schroeder, Minnesota.  All creeks and rivers the enter Lake Superior have some kind of water fall!

pierb4storm060704.jpg (87712 bytes)

Caribou Lake is very quiet just as a storm approaches.

temperanceintosuperior06080.jpg (81427 bytes)

The Temperance Creek empties into Lake Superior along the North Shore.
Gooseberry Park - a view of the Twi Falls - one of five waterfalls within the State Park along Lake Superior's North Shore.



Downstream at Gooseberry the river goes through a set of rapids before the next waterfall.


A smaller set of falls at Gooseberry State Park



The US Highway 61 bridge over the Gooseberry River.  In the background is a bridge for the bike path.


Below the falls the river is shallow and a great place to fish.


Even in late April there is still a little snow on the ground.  In the background is the river.
A panoramic view of the park showing the river, falls and US 61 bridge in the background.



A wooden boat sites in the park by the bay at Two Harbors also near the lighthouse.


Two  Harbors Lighthouse sadly fenced in and part of a bed and breakfast attempt that never made it. 




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