Up the River

The St. Croix river empties out at Prescott, Wisconsin. It is a Federally protected river that starts in Northwest Wisconsin.  Originally created by the outflow of Lake Superior at the end of the Glacier era, the St. Croix is a scenic wonderland. Additional digital photos will be added shortly. 


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 The town of Prescott is in Wisconsin where the St. Croix river joins the Mississippi.  This is the marina in May, 1999.


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The rivers are still high in this May, 1999 picture.  Compare this to the same location in early October, 1999.

stcroixatbnw.jpg (58301 bytes)

The Burlington Northern bridge over the St. Croix and a small motorboat.

Further upstream the St. Croix hosts a couple of canoes near Osceola, Wisconsin.

stcroixcanoesw.jpg (49282 bytes)

Thousands of years ago the glaciers left their mark on these bluffs along the St. Croix.   

stcroixbluffw.jpg (59525 bytes)

The trees partially hide the highway bridge over the St. Croix at Osceola on a warm summer day.    .

stcroixtaybridgew.jpg (73076 bytes)

redcaboosew.jpg (62709 bytes)

A small railroad museum with trips is located at Osceola.  This red wooden caboose is but one example.

stcroixdamw.jpg (41188 bytes)

The dam at St. Croix Falls separates the upper and lower parts of this Federally protected river.

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A small hot spring is filled with wild trout near the St. Croix which it feeds into.  The trout climb up a waterway ladder from the river to the pond. 

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