A second visit to Kenosha took place in early May, 2007. In typical Spring weather there was a stiff breeze off of still cold Lake Michigan making things rather chilly. This time two former Toronto cars that were not photographed before were out running: the Chicago car painted to approximate the original colors of teir PCC cars as delivered and the Toronto car which appeared to be in its original deep maroon and creme. New since the last visit were several Nova low floor buses that appeared to have been purchaed second hand. Nearby was the former Northwestern station now under Metra were cars were stored including one of the last active single level cars used as a private lounge car but dating back to the 1950's when it served on the former UP/CNW "City" streamliners.

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A Kenosha Transit Nova bus passes the former Toronto PCC painted in Chicago Surface Lines colors for the postwar PCC cars. The PCC cars goes through the "S" turn before arriving at the stop in front of the Transit Center
Side view of the PCC car at the Kenosha Transit Center.
Front view of ex-Toronto PCC at car stop in Chicago colours. Chicago car cruises along the Kenosha Harbor on its grass right of way.  The flag shows just how windy it was that afternoon. The Chicago car approaches the car stop in front of the Kenosha Transit Centre.
Toronto car glides along the grass right of way with the Kenosha lighthouse in the background. A close up of the Toronto car with a speedboat in the background. The Toronto car passes by the side of the Kenosha Police Department
It then approaches the curve in front of the Metra Depot And then banks into the sharp turn in front of the police station. The car then heads south behind the Kenosha Police Department
Front side view of the
Toronto PCC car at the Kenosha Transit Centre.  Yes, it was cloudy and cool but well worth the time taken.
It is 1967 and a 4600 class PCC car can be seen on the St. Clair line in Toronto.  The car was rebuilt some time in the early 1990's to the appearance of the Kenosha cars. In this 1967 view a former Louisville/Cleveland St. Louis Car Co. PCC is seen by the barn on Queen just west of the intersection with King.  All 50 Cleveland cars were converted to run MU with couplers.
Two F40PH's are parked at ground level in Kenosha by the Metra station One of the three examples of tile work at the Kenosha Metra station. Another view of the storage tracks on ground level just west of the UP main line in Kenosha.
Two Metra trans in storage at the lower yards by the Kenosha Metra station. Car 553 which is a private car on the Chicago-Kenosha train one of two cars that were originally built in the 1950's to run on the UP/CNS streamliners as a lounge cars. A mixture of former Milwaukee Road Budd gallery cars and the new cars make up this Metra commuter train waiting for the Monday morning rush hour complete with its private lounge car up front.
All pictures except the original Toronto pictures were taken 2 and 5 May 2007
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