Kenosha Transit Summer 2005
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Kenosha's lake front has been transformed from waste to beauty. Part of the transformation is the new Kenosha Transit Transit Center as well as the circular trolley line that runs five former PCC trolley cars from Toronto, Ontario. Each of the five cars have been painted to represent a different transit company including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Johnston, PA (also Kenosha), Shaker Heights and one car still in the original Toronto maroon and cream colours. These pictures represent a visit in early September, 2005 showing both the new buses as well as the PCC cars both enroute and in the trolley barn where they are stored. Over 200,000 people ride the trolleys each year including many who are visitors from all over the world. Kenosha: the little city that can do it!


Kenosha's harbor looking at the Coast Guard station.


Front view of one of Kenosha's new low floor buses at the Transit Center. The new buses were delivered in October, 2004.

A better view of one of Kenosha's new 35 foot low floor buses at the Transit Center - 2 September, 2005 A former Milwaukee 40 foot Gillig now relegated to School bus trippers.  More new buses are on order to replace the ex-Milwaukee buses.
More pictures of Kenosha.  Click on link right here.


Rear view of former Toronto PCC now painted in Pittsburgh colours along the revamped Kenosha Harbour. 4 September 2005


A panoramic view of the beautiful Kenosha Harbour with the Pittsburgh PCC car in the background. Hard to believe what this area once was like.


Three views of the former Toronto PCC car in Pittsburgh colours along the Kenosha Habour.

Rear side view of the Pittsburgh PCC car passing the back of the Kenosha Police station. To the right is the Metra (ex CNW) commuter station. Ex-Toronto car starts to navigate the turn in front of the Metra Station in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Labor Day, 2005 Pittsburgh coloured PCC car approaches the curve in front of the Metra commuter station in Kenosha.
An ex-Toronto PCC car painted in Kenosha colours backs out of the barn after waiting for power to be restored because of a project near the Metra Station. The same car approaching the Transit Center station getting ready for its first trip of the day.  Cars leave every 15 minutes with a 12 minute trip. Rear view of the same car parked at its loading area by the Kenosha Transit Transit Centre.
Two former Toronto cars in the trolley barn.  One is in Chicago Transit colours while the other represents Shaker Heights or Cinncinnati. Notice the great restoration work on these cars.
The Kenosha painted car has to wait in the barn until power can be restored due to a project near the Metra station. A former Toronto PCC car painted in Pittsburgh colours in the trolley barn.  Notice the historical GM bus parked next to it.

NEW!  Kenosha revisited May, 2007 - click here

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