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Most of these pictures are new from the 4th version web page.  A few have been enhanced using PhotoShop for a more artistic appearance.  Some of these pictures were used before in earlier editions.  Most were taken along the C&M division of the former Milwaukee Road railroad.  

am4edelstein72w.jpg (26927 bytes)

The Southwest Limited heads east around the Houligan's curve near Chillocothe, Illinois.  The first generation SDP40-F's are in Amtrak's Phase II scheme.  Santa Fe had little or no problems with these units.  

AM7573877atkinsonw.jpg (24648 bytes)

In August, 1977, No. 7, "The Empire Builder" is at Atkinson Road with two of the big units.  The lead unit still is in the original "WC Fields" scheme. 

amt531am8dfldw.jpg (32653 bytes)

Amytak 8, the eastbound "Empire Builder" at the north end of Deerfield, Illinois with unit 531 in the lead.
The westbound "Hiawatha" passes through Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in this December, 1974 shot.  In this shot an E-9 B is the second unit.  Combinations like this were common on the Hiawatha.

am9wauwatosa1274w.jpg (27333 bytes)

Brand new second generation SDP40-F's lead the westbound Builder north of Deerfield, Illinois. Notice the squared off front. This was taken in June, 1974 and meant the end of older power being used.

am7dlfd562brand new676w.jpg (31336 bytes)

A few of these units managed to be restriped to Phase 3 as shown here with unit 634 leading the westbound "California Zephyr" at Cicero, Illinois in this summer, 1980 picture.  By this time a number of these units were already being traded in.

amt634p3paintcicbnw.jpg (29706 bytes)

am7forglen573w.jpg (30165 bytes)

unit 573 still in its original color scheme pulls the "Builder" by the Forest Glen station on the northwest side of Chicago.

am7halstunit536w.jpg (41199 bytes)

536 and a mate lead the still "Rainbow" "Empire Builder" near the Halsted Street Bridge in Chicago.  The Santa Fe and BN received the first shipment of these units in 1973.    

am7s40phunitsmorgan1274w.jpg (33811 bytes)

A frigid December day in 1974 with the two units and the Empire Builder passing Morgan Street in Chicago. At this point the tracks climbed up from street level.
577 was a regular on the "North Coast Hiawatha" seen heading west at Lake Forest,  Illinois.  Again, the E9-B unit was combined with the SDP40-F

am9lf5771074w.jpg (30540 bytes)

Eastbound AM8 (Empire Builder) at Ostermann Road in Deerfield with 533 in the lead.   

amt533am8dfld.jpg (61396 bytes)

A red nosed SDP40F shows itself as it rounds the curve north of Deerfield pulling the eastbound Empire Builder.  612 was not normally assigned to this train.

am8dfld612w.jpg (27146 bytes)

amt534am7atkrdw.jpg (36270 bytes)

Westbound "Empire Builder" near Atkinson Road, just north of Rondout, Illinois. 

amt498chip2w.jpg (36929 bytes)

AMT 498 was rebuilt for HEP (head end power).  It is seen next to a phase II SDP40-F unit that no doubt was pulling the eastbound Southwest Limited from the Santa Fe.

amtswchief18thamt521w.jpg (97626 bytes)

The southwest Chief, led by unit 51521, crosses over the high lift bridge over the South Branch of the Chicago River 
Unit 538 passes by the Deerfield, Illinois station with the westbound "Builder"  August, 1977.

am7dfl538877w.jpg (27468 bytes)

East Bound "California Zephyr" led by unit 597 approaches the Rooseveldt Road viaduct - a favorite haunt for rail fans in the 1970's.  It's Augst, 1978 and Superliners and new units are on the way.

am6978unit597w.jpg (48736 bytes)

The North Coast Hiawatha on a hot summer day in 1974 led by second generation 580 in Deerfield, Illinois.

am9674dfld5domesw.jpg (26636 bytes)

nbcoaststarlite880w.jpg (35479 bytes)

Most likely the last of the red nosed SDP40-F's seen here pulling out with the Coast Starlight.   Taken in August, 1980, near the Los Angeles Union Depot  Superliners were a few months away.

amt706schanwee 579 superlinerw.jpg (43332 bytes)

A Pooch (GE P30CH) leads the southbound Shawnee with new Superliner Coaches.  The Superliner cars ran on local trains out of Chicago prior to their introduction on the western trains.

emb334dfw.jpg (46287 bytes)

A phase II E unit 334 leads the Builder with a SDP40-F unit trailling.  Notice the different location of the stripe on the E unit compared to the picture of 498 on this page.  Seems like Amtrak had a problem of where the stripe should go!


E unit 208 leads a train on the 16th street tracks with the downtown Chicago in the background in this April, 1974 picture.

amt208 fr18thst474w.jpg (30661 bytes)

Amtrak borrowed and later bought the bi-level cars that the CNW used for intercity service.  Shown here with F unit 4088 are two of the cars on a Milwaukee to Chicago train in July, 1973.

amcnw4088alf773bilevelsw.jpg (30690 bytes)

Two SDP40-F's piggyback at McCook, Illinois with the eastbound Southwest Limited in this 1978 picture.  Little wonder Santa Fe made Amtrak drop "Chief".  Where's the diner and dome car?  Hmmm!

ebswchiefmccook678w.jpg (50981 bytes)

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