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Most of these pictures are new from the 4th version web page.  A few have been enhanced using PhotoShop for a more artistic appearance.  Some of these pictures were used before in earlier editions.  Most were taken along the C&M division of the former Milwaukee Road railroad.  

am31a20funits771wrw.jpg (64156 bytes)

A somewhat modified picture of the westbound Empire Builder at Tower A-20 taken in 1971.  

amtsfzspdomelounge971r1w.jpg (61750 bytes)

Another PhotoShop enhanced picture showing a former SP dome lounge on the Westbound San Francisco Zephyr in Chicago. 

mkeebturboa20w.jpg (55885 bytes)

An eastbound turbo from Milwaukee crosses over just north of Tower A-20 on the last day of operation for that tower.  The turbo looked sharp in its phase 3 paint scheme.
The westbound "Hiawatha" passes through Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in this December, 1974 shot.

am9wauwatosa1274w.jpg (27333 bytes)

An ex-Great Northern observation car brings up the rear of the same train.

am9wawaobs3770-1274w.jpg (39659 bytes)

The snow has started to melt at the Golf depot as 323, the Abraham Lincoln, passes by heading westward towards Milwaukee. (railroads only have east and west as their directions).

nbabegolf72.jpg (136343 bytes)

am4282bdwychi872w.jpg (31068 bytes)

A repainted Penn Central E unit still showing its old number leads an eastbound "Broadway Limited" by the infamous 12th street bridge in Chicago during the summer of 1972.

bn9968closup972w.jpg (52420 bytes)

The San Francisco Zephyr pulls out of Chicago Union Station with a former Union Pacific E unit sandwiched between 2 former Burlington units.  

amsfzqeunits16th st curve 372.jpg (82368 bytes)

Heading around the curve near 16th the "San Francisco Zephyr" accelerates under the Canal Street bridge as it heads westward to the high speed three track section of the Burlington Northern.
The Westbound turbo from Detroit is seen crossing the South Branch of the Chicago River's lift bridge in this 1976 picture.

nbturchirvr776.jpg (51315 bytes)

Eastbound AM8 (Empire Builder) at Ostermann Road in Deerfield with 533 in the lead.   

amt533am8dfld.jpg (61396 bytes)

A red nosed SD40F shows itself as it rounds the curve north of Deerfield pulling the eastbound Empire Builder. 

am8dfld612w.jpg (27146 bytes)

amt534am7atkrdw.jpg (36270 bytes)

Westbound "Empire Builder" near Atkinson Road, just north of Rondout, Illinois. 

amtsf3151971.jpg (49433 bytes)

Two Santa Fe "F" units in passenger service received this paint scheme.  This is 315 as it passes 14th street leaving Union Station with the then "Texas Chief" on a sunny Chicago day in 1972.

amynbk579w.jpg (52242 bytes)

Westbound North Coast Hiawatha speeds through Northbrook in this May, 1978 picture.  
The ugly Penn-Central all black E units were all over the place during the time the former Milwaukee Road "E" units were being repainted.  An eastbound Milwaukee train is at Ostermann Road in Deerfield.

sbpcmkechidf373.jpg (204223 bytes)

The same former SP dome can be seen on the "San Francisco Zephyr" in this July, 1971 shot as it rushes through Plano, Illinois.  Business was good as the Denver portion ran as a second section that day!

amtsfzcars2plano7471.jpg (54412 bytes)

The former Milwaukee Road Superdomes had a brief life in Amtrak colors servicing the then San Francisco Zephyr. Seen with a conventional Budd dome the SFZ is approaching the 12th Street bridge.

exmkesdomeamt5.jpg (81057 bytes)

xsfdomestarlitew.jpg (47277 bytes)

No, it isn't the Southwest Limited; it's the Coast Starlight sporting an ex- "Super Chief" dome lounge.  Taken in August, 1980, near the Los Angeles Union Depot  Superliners were a few months away.

am8hastcars299w.jpg (49483 bytes)

A very cold February, 1999 day with the eastbound Builder going around the curve at Hastings, MN.  

AM8hast299.jpg (116221 bytes)

The same train as it crosses over the lift bridge over the Mississippi River at Hastings, Minnesota.  


Two Budd built dome sleepers.  The rear car was originally build for the still-born Chessie but saw service on various other railroads.  The Budd sleeper two cars up has a conventional dome and was built for the "North Coast Limited".  

am7excodomeslprmorgan1274w.jpg (33669 bytes)

A hot August, 1971 day shows the eastbound "Empire Builder" passing Tower A-20 near Northbrook, Illinois with a former NP "F" unit leading.  Even the workers stopped to admire the train.

amt32a20bn9802771.jpg (97742 bytes)

A sad place to visit: stored Amtrak cars including this former SP dome lounge at the end of the line in Los Angeles.  Some cars had already suffered from vandalism.  August, 1980.

exSPdomelngw.jpg (47662 bytes)

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